About Africa Sustainability Forum

Welcome to Nairobi, Kenya for the 2020 Africa Sustainability Forum (ASF). The ASF Conference is one of the most important regional gatherings dedicated to the pursuit of sustainability in Africa. In May 2020, over 500 individuals will gather in Nairobi to explore emerging trends and innovative solutions to crucial sustainability questions in the continent. The conference will draw senior business executives, entrepreneurs, sustainability practitioners, policy experts, public sector officers, the civil society, and people in academia across the region

In addition to unrivaled, inspirational keynote speakers and breakout sessions led by industry luminaries, the ASF Conference offers unparalleled opportunities for networking and creative partnerships in building just and sustainable societies. We also provide a space for thought-provoking conversations, where we work together to identify solutions to our current sustainability challenges. We welcome you to the ASF 2019 and hope you take advantage of all Nairobi has to offer.

Why Participate as A Delegate?

  • Connect with Regional Business Leaders and Policymakers – Join an influential community of regional changemakers during the networking sessions over a period of two days.

  • Never Stop Learning – Get unrivaled access to more than 10 candid discussions offering practical solutions to build a better and sustainable future for your organization and for Africa.

  • Redefine sustainable business in Africa – A new approach and a new voice from the businesses with an aim of building a better future for Africa.

Trouble with accommodation, venue, location, etc?